Contributor: Robert Ogilvie PhD

Robert Ogilvie PhD, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Medical University of South Carolina



Aorta_22yrs-Elastin Stain


Aorta_7yrs-Elastin Staub


Cartililage dev bone.svs

Case 2A Gross Colon

Esophageal-Stomach Junction, Normal

Fat Emboli Lung

Human Lip

Human Lung-baby

Human Lung-fetus

Human Prostate

Human Thymus

Human Tongue, lingual tonsil

Lip, Normal human

Monkey Spleen

Normal Blood Smear

Tooth, Human, XS, Trichrome

Tooth, Human-LS Trichrome

Tooth, LS, in situ, Cat, Trichrome

Tooth, LS, in situ, Trichrome

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